Development updates!

We are still working hard on the game!
Play-testing has been going well, and the balance is just about where we want it.
There were a couple of systems that we haven't quite nailed down as quickly as we had hoped, so unfortunately our release schedule has had to be bumped back a little. I will aim a bit further away and say we should hopefully be finished by late October.

Implementing the Modding system has been going along smoothly. We've realized a need to separate art assets between modules more, and have done so. As a result, any user made modules will show a lot more individuality.

The map system has been re-worked to be far more robust, maps are being created accordingly to give people a much better idea of where they are in the game.

Testing and ability tweaking and bug fixing is ongoing.

I'm very excited about how the mod system is looking, and hopefully you will all get a good kick out of using it.