A Gentlemanly Adventure

A Gentlemanly Adventure follows the journey of Sir Reginald Cadwaller, who after injuring himself during a hunting accident wakes up in a very different world. Thrust into the dangerous events that are sweeping the land, Reginald must find the strength inside himself to be the hero the people need.

A Gentlemanly Adventure is a text based adventure game, in the vein of the Multi User Dungeon adventures of old. All commands can be entered by typing, while some more commonly used commands have been added to buttons to make general play a bit more pleasant.

The game features an intricate 5 act story-line full of wry humour, multi-enemy battles, boss fights, multiple quests and hidden post game content. While it is a text game, we've added images, a musical score, and sound effects to round out the experience and make it something we hope you will truly enjoy.

Our custom engine is fully moddable, with simple tools for budding creators to make their own adventures within any world they wish to create, the only limit is your imagination!



Vast landscapes with intricate and often humorous descriptions, accompanied by hand drawn artwork.



Battle multiple enemies in turn based combat. Use your abilities to beat them down or stop them from being able to fight back. Target high damage enemies to bring them down first. Enemies will roam between rooms and change positions, ensuring a variety of different encounters.



Meet a large ensemble cast of non player characters. Some will provide optional (and potentially incredibly rewarding) quests, while others may provide you with services or information.


BOss fights

Test your might against powerful optional bosses, and see if you really have what it takes to save this strange world!


Build your own adventure

Using our custom engine you can build your own adventures, you don't even need to know how to code, create levels, enemies, conversations, abilities, and quests, all from easy to read YAML files. Add your own images, music, or sound effects to go along with it. The only limit is your imagination.